Available as a Standalone or Cloud Service

RIMDrill for Drilling Contractors – optimized to provide the information needed to understand key aspects of rig performance, utilization and personnel safety.

Benefits of RIMDrill

A dual function application to collect comprehensive daily rig and IADC DDR Plus reporting information, transfer it securely to a central office system where a business analytics package presents the data in summary and visual format to highlight critical aspects of rig and fleet performance. Scalable for use on deepwater offshore rigs to land rigs and offered in 3 different packages designed to provide maximum functional flexibility from data entry to business analytics providing end-to-end rig management.

Insights into Rig Performance

Rig management needs to understand key aspects of rig performance – drilling KPI’s, downtime, utilization and personnel. Go beyond IADC DDR Plus as RIMDrill transforms raw rig sourced report data into dashboards and visualizations of key performance metrics. Compare performance at the rig, business unit or fleet level. Merge RIMDrill data with other enterprise information systems and share with other stakeholders.

RIMDrill Vista Dashboard System

Built on the Microsoft Power BI™ platform RIMDrill Vista represents a step change in the ability to mine and display data – whether the data comes from RIMDrill or other rig or enterprise sources.  Features and benefits include:

  • Dashboards for rig performance, utilization and well status
  • Build, save and share dashboards and reports
  • Dashboards optimized for specific users
  • Flexibility allows combination of RIMDrill with other enterprise data
  • Windows, iOS and Android compatible

  • Direct connection to source data is timely for actionable information
  • User selected broad range of charting and graphing tools
  • Drag and drop feature allows users easy selection of data to display
  • Experienced users create sophisticated complex dashboards
  • Data visualization help identify and improve data quality issues
  • Offered as a service with no capex requirement

RIMDrill Vista support can be a complete end-to-end service or as a service to help your IT integrate RIMDrill Vista rig performance tools into your existing dashboard system.

Choose the Best Package for Your Needs

RIMDrill Drilling information system logo


  • Daily & IADC DDR Plus Reporting
  • Secure Rig to Office Comms
  • Basic Performance Analysis
  • Utilities
RIMDrill Drilling information system logo


  • Daily & IADC DDR Plus Reporting
  • Secure Rig to Office Comms
  • Basic Performance Analysis
  • Utilities
  • Rig Personnel Management
  • Multiple Ops Activity Centers
  • Advanced Analytics Package
RIMDrill Drilling information system logo


  • Daily & IADC DDR Plus Reporting
  • Secure Rig to Office Comms
  • Basic Performance Analysis
  • Utilities
  • Rig Personnel Management
  • Multiple Ops Activity Centers
  • Advanced Analytics Package
  • Marine Reporting
  • Monthly Billing

RIMDrill Package Features

Daily Reporting

Comprehensive (and other) reports for all aspects of daily rig operations – including a licensed IADC DDR Plus. Efficient data entry for rig users and wide selection of reports and dashboards for office users.

Advanced Rig Reporting

The Multiple Activity Center (MAC) module reports on multiple simultaneous operational activities such as with dual derricks. Analyzes critical path operations and illustrates saved time for customer billing.

Personnel Management

Personnel Management is a highly efficient and secure system for managing all aspects of rig personnel – both rig crews and third party.

Equipment Downtime Reporting

RIMDrill Insights is a performance analytics platform for detailed analysis of equipment-related rig downtime events.

Marine Reporting

RIMDrill Marine handles the daily reporting needs of the rig marine department. Extensive reporting on weather, safety drills, bulk inventory and vessel/helicopter movements.

Monthly Billing/Rebill

Streamlines customer billing by relating operational activities to the customer contract terms. Can be configured for each new contract. Daily reporting for customer rebill and chargeback items.

Additional Solutions

Mobile Reporter

Mobile Reporter pushes critical event-driven notifications, alerts and management summary data to mobile devices – any time, any place.

Rig Performance Dashboards

RIMDrill Vista consolidates daily report data into rig performance intelligence in highly visual presentation formats. Uses the powerful Microsoft Power BI to allow seamless integration of RIMDrill data with other enterprise data.

Data Sharing

RIMDrill Sync enables sharing of RIMDrill data with others either at the rig or in the office. Data content can be configured for each specific requirement.

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