RIMBase for Well Operators – designed for full well lifecycle reporting of all aspects of well operations. Offered as a cloud service or licensed solution or combination of both.

Great Reasons to Use RIMBase

RIMBase is the most cost-effective solution for well lifecycle reporting and business analysis. Available on either cloud service or licensed platforms the application covers the full daily reporting needs of oil and gas and geothermal upstream operations.

Understanding Your Well Performance

RIMBase Insights is an analytics platform designed to leverage the value of report data allowing users to measure well performance of repetitive operations over time and compare with similar wells. Future well performance can be measured against established baseline performance metrics for customer defined performance categories. Performance data is easily entered as part of the daily reporting process providing the operational management team with powerful output reporting and visualization tools for data analysis.

Choose from Cloud or Licensed Solutions

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Cloud Service Benefits

  • Usage Based pricing
  • No capex
  • No set up fee
  • Up and running in as little as a day
  • Minimal IT management costs
  • Upgrade management
  • No application installation
RIMBase Wellsite information system logo

Licensed Solution Benefits

  • Lower long-term application costs
  • Predictable low annual support costs
  • Data ownership, security and control
  • Easily share data with other systems
  • Works over low/variable quality comms links
  • Automated license management

The Power of RIMBase

General Features

A tightly integrated package of features for collection, distribution and analysis of data for all aspects of well construction, completion and intervention. Built-in flexibility allows the application to be configured to meet your needs.

Reports & Dashboards

Rig report data is organized to maximize its value for the user. Data visualization tools are used to give maximum impact for analysis purposes.

Performance Analytics

RIMBase Insights allows users full configuration flexibility in deciding which operational tasks they wish to track. Well performance metrics can be improved by understanding how efficiently various repetitive tasks are performed on wells in the same region.

Additional Solutions

Automated Report Distribution

RIMBase Reporter streamlines the report distribution process and frees up operations support personnel for more productive tasks. Daily Reports can be configured for automatic distribution to email recipients or network printers.

Data Sharing

RIMBase Sync automatically transfers predefined data to other enterprise information systems resulting in major improvements in data handling efficiencies and data accuracy. Content customizable for each customer.

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